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Crossed Genres Magazine is accepting Urban SciFi/Fantasy submissions

Crossed Genres is now accepting writing submissions for the upcoming Urban SciFi and Urban Fantasy issue. Just a reminder: Crossed Genres is now a paying market.

Ever wonder…

-Who would take a job as housekeeper in a mansion where giant spiders and flying monkeys reside?
-What happens when out-of-work Fairy Godmothers get bored and drunk?
-Can Ketchup and Mustard save the day?
-What if the shape shifter of your dreams wasn’t a werewolf at all?
-In the battle between good and evil, would you have the courage to choose job security over principle?

Find the answers to those questions and more in Issue Five of Crossed Genres Magazine, along with gorgeous cover art by Alexandra Prillaman and an article by the iconic Fantasy Humor writer Piers Anthony.

On May 1st, Crossed Genres will release its SciFi/Fantasy WESTERN issue, which includes a cover by the outstanding Nicc Balce and an article about the origins of the SciFi Western in Hollywood.

Visit the Crossed Genres Store to subscribe or to buy individual issues at very reasonable prices.
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