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Crossed Genres Issue 9 is LIVE! Now seeking SFF + HORROR submissions!

Crossed Genres Issue Nine: SciFi & Fantasy Alternate History
6 surprising SciFi & Fantasy Alternate Histories, plus a sharp and engaging article by author Walter Hunt, a charming Interview with author Dave Freer, and imaginative art by Briana Wu (with Frank Wu).

Crossed Genres is now accepting short story and black-and-white inside art submissions for the upcoming SciFi and Fantasy HORROR issue. Just a reminder: Crossed Genres is now a paying market.

Crossed Genres is also currently accepting submissions for completed novel-length fiction or novellas to be serialized on our website exclusively for our subscribers, as well as "pitches" for a webcomic to run for a year on our website, in our ‘Subscribers-Only Area’. Upon completion, each will be published by Crossed Genres in its entirety.
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